Limit of Liability


It is understood and agreed between the parties that KLA performs the functions of paid agent of the principal., to carry out on your behalf the procedures aimed at supervising the foreign trade operations described in this instrument. Consequently, the responsibility of KLA is expressly limited to the fulfillment of the task of carrying out said procedures., in accordance with the relevant regulations of the Chilean Commercial Code and not to the material result thereof. Therefore, any damage, loss, Loss or delay in the delivery of the goods is the exclusive responsibility of the carrier or agent in charge of transporting the cargo., or under whose responsibility they are. For your part, responsibility for costs, bills, rights and eventual fines derived from said efforts and operations, corresponds solely and exclusively to the client.


All merchandise, independent of its nature, form, size and composition is exposed to risks inherent to the import process, such as port strikes, public services stoppage, transportation accident (Truck, Barco, Plane), decrease, damage or loss of cargo, delay in cargo delivery, loss of documentation, force majeure and events of nature, KLA will not be held responsible for any eventual occurrence and/or damages and additional expenses that may be incurred..

The parties declare that the services provided by KLA are limited exclusively to the dedicated importation of goods for third parties., whose technical sheets or specifications have been given by the client prior to importation. The services include the settlement of customs expenses and the payment of applicable taxes.. In addition, The parties declare that in the event that some of the goods suffer from failures in their operation, quality and operability attributable to the manufacturer, to the carrier or any other third party, in no case will they be the responsibility of KLA.


The original documents, such as Commercial Invoice, Packing list, Bill of Lading, Certificates of origin, etc., They are essential for any foreign trade operation. Therefore, Any loss or delay in the delivery of these documents to the respective Customs Agent that processes the corresponding customs declaration is the exclusive responsibility of the interested party. (consignee or exporter) KLA does not have any responsibility.


The customs agent who intervenes in foreign trade operations that are the subject of this mandate, will be freely selected and hired by the client. In the event that contact details of customs agents are provided, This will only be a contribution to facilitating the process., but in no case will it constitute a recommendation. Therefore, The client may not request KLA to carry out acts of intermediation or any management in this regard..


It is worth mentioning that it is the exclusive responsibility of the client to familiarize himself with the conditions and restrictions that exist for each of the Free Trade Agreements or Trade Agreements that Chile has signed with different countries., as well as making presentations in advance and in a timely manner before the competent Public Organizations. (Ej. SNS, SAG, ISP, etc.) for final approval of the marketing of the product in Chile.

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