Terms and Conditions


KLA offers logistics supervision and foreign trade advisory services, following the descriptions and specifications available on their website, adapting to client expectations and using innovative technologies.


For an import operation, KLA will issue a “Expense Simulation”, which cannot be considered as a quote for services. This document will allow the client to have a general estimate of all the expenses related to an import under normal conditions.. To start the service, The client must give his consent by signing the “Expense Simulation”, thus ensuring clear and transparent communication between the parties.


Fees will depend on the service, the type of merchandise, the country of origin and import sales clause. KLA reserves the right to modify fees at any time and without prior notice., guaranteeing flexibility and adapting to market needs.


Payment of the total amount indicated in the “Expense Simulation” it will always be in advance. The client will have the prerogative to pay by bank transfer to the KLA current account indicated in said document or by paying directly to each of the service providers and entities that intervene in the process of importing a merchandise..


At the end of the service, KLA will issue a “Settlement of expenses”, which will be compared with the “Expense Simulation”. If there is a positive balance, The amount will be returned to the principal and in the event of a negative balance, The client must pay that difference to KLA.


KLA assumes no responsibility for errors in the information contained on its website., but undertakes to correct them as soon as possible, ensuring the accuracy and updating of the information provided.

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